Senior PPC Media Buyer

ExplorAds is changing the way brands reach their audience and optimize their sales funnel through digital advertising. By connecting advertisers and publishers across multiple channels, we offer exceptional performance and results at scale. Our in-house ad exchange technology enables our partners to achieve consistently high-quality ad placements that outperform industry benchmarks.

We're looking for a senior PPC media buyer/ Social media Buyer to join our team. The media buyer will be responsible for creating, optimizing, and reporting on paid campaigns across various platforms and channels.


  • Conduct research for understanding market trends.
  • Create campaigns and optimize budgets accordingly for the best media mix.
  • Monitor and analyze campaign performance on different marketing platforms.
  • Implement A/B testing and experiment to test ad copies, landing pages, and creative assets to improve performance and ROI.


  • Proven experience as Media Buyer – 2 years minimum.
  • Proven experience in running high scale PPC campaigns on Facebook/TikTok – A Must.
  • Experience in Arbitrage.
  • Strong Analytical Skills – Analytical mindset and proficiency in data analysis tools.
  • Advanced experience in Excel and business intelligence tools.
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