ExplorAds is a leading online marketing platform that connects people to the services and ads they need. Building dedicated ads placement that change the way brands reach their customers, think about their sales funnels and user engagement. We are making everything radically transparent, ultimately relevant so the advertisers and publishers will be happy with everyday revenue increase.

We are looking for an experienced VP R&D, with at least 4.5 years of commercial tech leadership, to join our team and lead the online advertising industry years to come.
The perfect candidate will be someone who is capable of building a complete tech strategy and infrastructure from the bottom up while still having the passion to code hands-on for quick & dirty durable solutions as may be required from time to time.

Our tech stack requires the following skills:

Front end:

  • html5, css3, javascript (ecmascript 6+), typescript
  • angular version 2+
  • jquery, ajax, underscore, bootstrap


  • typescript
  • nodejs, express, pm2
  • mysql,mongodb
  • pug
  • aws (EC2, RDS, DocumentDB, DynamoDB)
  • php (general knowledge)


  • Administration Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Apache, Nginx
  • mysql,mongodb
  • kafka(for highly loaded projects), Jenkins, Zabbix

For all (Front-end,Back-end):

  • git (we works with gitlab), jira

Contact us – careers@explorads.media

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